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The vast magnificent gardens surrounding the palace are so huge that there are buggies arranged at 10€ per person to take you around.

The beauty of the endless gardens is so mesmerizing that you cannot imagine it being a squalid swamp with wild animals when the Palace of Versailles was only a humble hunting lodge.

The gardens also contained an independent Queen’s Hamlet that housed their own Trianons or Villas,
where Queen Marie Antoinette and her predecessors spent a lot of time.

Visit the gardens to see the Queen’s Hamlet, the Grand and Petit Trianon and for the manicured flora and artistic fountains.

Best time to visit are the Musical Garden days (extra cost) during the summer months, in the noon, when all fountains are on and music is played throughout the gardens.

These days are often the most crowded days for the same reason, so choose wisely.

Although the palace premises has its own cafe/restaurant for tourists, it is not worth it. So carry your bottle of water and a quick snack.

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