Èze-Village – Part 2/5

At the bottom of Èze, is Fragonard Parfumerie, a perfume factory/laboratory/shop that presents an olfactory tour which highlights the various products they manufacture from scented duck shaped soaps to the purest forms of Parfum.

In death I am reborn (Isis Moriendo Renasco)

For the unacquainted majority like ourselves, who use the words perfume and cologne interchangeably, Fragonard Parfumerie, is where we got our first education on perfumes. We have capture some key learnings from our tour

  1. Parfum : Purest form, 15-40% fragrance, high price, lasts long, least alcohol concentration
  2. Eau De Parfum : 15-20% fragrance, watered down/diluted (Eau De = Water of)
  3. Eau De Toilette : 5-15% fragrance, most common
  4. Eau De Cologne : 2-4% fragrance
  5. Eau Fraiche : 1-3% fragrance

As we move down the list, Fragrance conc. ↓ Price ↓ Duration ↓ Alcohol conc. ↑  Bottle size ↑ 

Higher concentration fragrances are reserved for night wear while others are for daywear.

Interesting fact: The famous Channel No. 5 perfume by @chanelofficial has its origins in Côte D’Azur. In 1920, French courtier, Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel was asked by “The Nose”, to pick from 10 samples , and she chose sample No. 5 (which later, was rumored to have resulted from a factory mistake!) and decided to keep the name it already had.




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