Chamonix (Mont Blanc), France, 2019

Who we are

We are global citizens like you and anyone around you. Finding similarities amongst fellow travelers in the journey of life is more important for us than finding differences.

We enjoy traveling, collecting and reliving key memories through our online diary – fernwehrunway. Across countries we have come across varied landscapes, languages, cultures, colors and food. However the more we travel, the more we realize that the underlying drive and humanity across geographies transcends these differences.

We enjoy goofing around as well, which will be seen in our blogs. At times one needs to take a step back and enjoy the simple things in life without taking everything seriously because you have only one life.

With that said, planning is very important and we plan our finances, our careers and our responsibilities with due diligence but to a point that leaves scope for surprises.

Food is another area which relates close to our heart and we intend to share our experiences through our blog.

Our aim is to be able to live a life that allows us to do things we truly love and we have only begun on this path.

This is our story and we would love for you to be a part of it.

If you find our stories interesting (or otherwise), please leave us a comment or visit us on our Instagram page

P.S. We may also post some personal projects that we may be currently working on or even random musings that tickle our brain at the time. These are WIP items and may or may not have bearing to the rest of the content on our blog.

Note: All views and content(unless explicitly mentioned) on this blog are personal(authors) and have no association with any other organization, person or state.