In death I am reborn
(Isis Moriendo Renasco)

The glimpses you get of the blue Mediterranean waters through the cracks between old stone houses and ruins is what stays with you well after your visit.

As you make your way up the hill from the car park through the village you cannot help but ponder upon all the views you come across and imagine how this place would have been before, think of all the people that have witnessed its beauty, from Nietzsche to Walt Disney.

We concluded that it would have been pretty similar to how it currently is, sans the commercial setups. Despite its turbulent past, having changed hands numerous times, Èze has successfully recreated itself, not to evolve, but to stay the same.

This for us explains the motto of Èze, “In death I am reborn” (Latin: Isis Moriendo Renasco)

Èze truly resembles the mythical Phoenix, which also happens to be central to the Coat of Arms for Èze.




We are global citizens like you and anyone around you. Finding similarities amongst fellow travelers in the journey of life is more important for us than finding differences.

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