We believe Instagram definitely plays an important role. Some pictures you see on insta, stay with you. For us that picture was of Villefranche Sur mer (which literally translates to French village by the sea)

A beautiful place which ofcourse is more than just a village now, once a fishing harbour between Nice and Monaco. The views of the village itself from the main highway above is stunning!!! You can take the exit from the highway and snake your way down to the village by car.

In recent decades the rich and the famous have frequented this place for what it offers and to cater to them there are famous restaurants facing the sea, the most famous of those being La Mère Germaine. This place is legendary and a regular for movie stars, politicians and royalty even, it is currently run by a humble(and stylish) lady who spent sometime chatting with us about the place. The food was excellent(albeit priced a bit on the higher side) and the restaurant has its own fishing boats parked outside used to catch the freshest offerings from the sea.

Post a hearty lunch @meregermaine we walked around the small beach, chose a high ground, put our headphones on and just gazed at the beautiful sights around us watching the sunlight dance on the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean.

The way back up is an easy way to get lost in Villefranche requiring you to take the narrow road/steps up the slope with beautiful homes adorning the inner town area, from one point even the Fort du Mont Alban can be seen.

Our visit to Villefranche Sur Mer was better than imagined and we were fortunate to witness all its beauty on a bright sunny day. We can’t wait to go back!

Have you ever taken a trip based on a photo you saw on Instagram? Let us know in comments 😊

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