Geneva, Switzerland

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Geneva was recently in the news for introducing the world’s highest minimum wage roughly €46000 or $54000 per year. Interesting!

It also gives you an idea of how high the standard of living is in this canton and how COVID-19 might have played a role in this need to set up a minimum wage.

A commercial area, Geneva is a melting pot for international organizations. Most important of those is the United Nations, whose HQ is in Geneva.

Hugging the French border the language and the food is well influenced by France and it also enjoys views of the Mont Blanc, which although in France is most accessible from Geneva (read earlier post on Mont Blanc for more details)

We however chose not to visit the UN premise or the famous Jet de L’eau (seen something similar in an another part of the world), instead we chose to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lac Léman or Lake Geneva and we do not regret it one bit!

You can enjoy the lake from the various restaurants or vineyards in the Vaud, book a lesuirely boat ride over the lake or caress it’s coastline on those big window SBB trains that are always on time (almost). The options to enjoy Lac Léman are many and all equally rewarding.

In our next post we cover some travel tips to travel by train across Switzerland. Stay tuned!




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