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Did you know that Saint-Gobain manufactured mirrors for the famous Hall of Mirrors?

Mirrors in the 17th century were a luxury item only the richest could afford and France was not even the top manufacturer to begin with. The Hall of Mirrors was thus symbolic at the time, a show to the world of the power and opulence of the French Royalty.

The hall is a long rectangular room which overlooks the palace gardens through the massive windows on the right. On the opposite wall to the windows are large mirrors that scatter the sunlight onto the giant chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. This is what brings the glitz into the Hall of Mirrors.

The ceiling itself is one of the stars of the Hall of Mirrors, often overlooked. It is adorned with beautiful paintings that signify the strength of the French King and empire. The paintings also highlight conquests of the French over German land and this is exactly the reason why after the Franco-Prussian war in the 19th century, the German empire proclaimed Versailles as its headquarters from the Hall of Mirrors. However, the French countered in the 20th century, when the Hall of Mirrors was selected by the French to sign the Treaty of Versailles, that marked the end of World War I and the defeat of the then German Empire.

Key highlights
1. You can get audioguides or simply install the official Versailles app to avail the free audio guide with the comfort of your own headphones.
2. Some items are not allowed to be taken inside by security, you can collect it later but safety is not guaranteed.
3. Carry water bottles
4. Book fixed time tickets online

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