The route from Geneva to Veytaux-Chillon along Vaud-Lausanne-Vevey is blessed by views we could not take our eyes off, but, for the lady on the adjacent seat, it never commanded any attention. Guess, you do get tired of unimaginable beauty after you witness it often.

We reached the tiny station at Veytaux-Chillon, in a hurry to get to the castle since we had only one hour to spare.
Just not enough time to stop and smell the roses!

Besides us, there where only 2 other people at the station, both busy refurbishing the underground tunnel which leads you on the path to the Chateau🏰.

The walk from train station was short, with expansive Lac Léman flanked by the icy mountains 🏔️ for backdrop, but we barely noticed it for the lack of time. While returning from the Chateau we were even more pressed for time, so much so that we had to run! Completely ignoring the landscape, yet again!

Then, the most beautiful and unexpected thing happened, the return train to Lausanne was late! At the train station even the 2 workers we had seen earlier had disappeared. The entire place was all ours.

This is when we noticed the pristine beauty we so foolishly ignored, in our quest to get to the castle and back. It was beautiful, majestic and peaceful at the same time.

Aqua blue Lac Léman with snow capped mountains hugging it. We did not want our train to arrive anytime soon. Alas! It did and we did hop on it, but, we still contemplate if we could have skipped 😪

It made us think, had we not been plain lucky we would have missed the most beautiful train station. Could it be that, most times, in the rush to get to our goal we end up being oblivious to the beauty that the journey itself has to offer.

Do we have the courage to cut the chase to stop and smell the roses? We hope we do now and we hope you do too!

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